Welcome to Studentmentors.org, your online resource for academic peer-to-peer mentoring. We are dedicated to connecting students of all grade and skill levels with the peer mentoring partnerships they need to improve academically, as well as beyond the classroom through the development of positive life skills.

What is a Mentor?

Our mentors are the driving force of our programming. A peer mentor is a fellow student who is interested in dedicating some of their time to helping others move beyond their personal and/or academic challenges with the goal of achieving personal academic success and developing skills associated with long-term success in and outside of the classroom. Mentors are caring, hard-working, patient, and eager to share the academic skills they've mastered with others.

Becoming a Mentor

If mentoring appeals to you, don't wait; become a peer mentor today and start making a difference in the lives of the fellow students you engage with. Our mentor application process includes a standard application, a brief written explanation of what mentoring means to you and what you wish to share with a mentee. We also hold in-person or phone interviews in order to get to know you better. This three step peer mentor application process helps us to then partner mentors and mentees together for the most effective and meaningful connections.

Seeking Peer Mentoring Partnerships

There are many reasons a student might enjoy being a part of a peer mentoring program. Partnerships such as ours allow for peer connections to be made and nurtured in a meaningful way. It's a way to learn and grow outside of the classroom and share experiences that both our mentors and mentees may not have otherwise been able to have. It also provides a safe space for students to talk about real issues, both academic and personal, and find solutions to manage and overcome stresses that may impact their academic performance. Peer mentoring programs are also very beneficial for at-risk youth. It allows for focused, positive interaction and supports healthy life choices through example and encouragement. In many cases, students that struggle academically or socially connect better and get more out of a partnership with a peer, rather than a more formal instructor or supervisor.

Join or Peer Mentoring Program

We're currently accepting interested applicants for both peer mentors and mentees. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved now!