About Us

StudentMentors.org was founded on the belief that mentors are extremely valuable when it comes to personal and scholarly growth. Traditional education, while also extremely valuable, is not all that is necessary to providing this growth, and so these two methodologies used in conjunction can often provide the boost necessary to give students the edge they need to be successful. What once was a small site for a specific organization soon became a nationwide service serving hundreds of students looking for a leg up on the competition. Whether these students are looking for a way to simply pass that unpassable class or having a mentor to help them navigate the intricacies of that Harvard application, StudentMentors.org provides this valuable service.

Looking to the future, StudentMentors.org is always looking to get more mentors in a wider variety of disciplines. For instance, while we have great mentors currently to help our students in their core disciplines, we are looking to expand our services into athletic mentorship, business mentorship, and much more. We are lucky to have some of the most dedicated and experienced student mentors on our team, but we believe with this expansion we will become the single greatest provider of student mentors available. There's much more to expect in the near (and far) future, so look out for StudentMentors.org in the future and see what we're capable of.