Mentoring Events was founded on the principle that if we help one another we can accomplish anything. Of course traditional teacher-student relationships have their place and are invaluable in the right circumstances, but exactly the same thing can be said of mentoring relationships. In the right situation, a mentoring relationship has been repeatedly shown to be more beneficial to the mentee than traditional education. It is for this reason that has been successful, and it is because of the hard work and dedication of our mentors that we will continue to be in the future.

Speaking to the hard work and dedication of our mentors, we have seen these fine people go above and beyond the call of duty time and time again by attending and participating in mentoring events. These events run the gamut from conferences meant to educate the mentors on strategies for being even more effective. Here are some of the events we have found to be the most effective for our mentors.

The National Mentoring Summit - This incredible event has been so beneficial for our mentors that it is difficult to begin. For years, we have sent our most enthusiastic mentors to NMS and they have always come back with stories to tell and strategies to implement. The event is so powerful because it does not focus solely on mentors. In fact, much of what is shared at the event is ancillary to mentoring. They're often inspirational stories, stories of successful companies, and other tales wherein mentoring played a role in a much grander tale. We strongly recommend this amazing event.

A Speed Mentoring Event - While much of what we do at is education-based, mentoring as a discipline is so much more than that. One of the amazing things about mentoring is that it can play a crucial role in education, post-graduate work, starting a business and even helping it thrive. Speed mentoring is a fun exercise wherein you get successful people from a wide variety of industries to mentor each other in a "speed dating" fashion. Just a minute with a successful person with an interesting perspective is often enough to either give the right insight to a struggling entrepreneur or start a decades-long professional relationship that creates livelihoods.

Create Your Own - There are so many mentoring exercises that, if you wish, you can create your own event for your own organization. Just check out some of these fun exercises for some ideas to get you started.