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Becoming a Mentor

Becoming a mentor is a great way to connect with peers and help them to advance beyond their academic struggles. It's also an opportunity to build your volunteer experience and learn important lessons outside of the classroom. Personal management and interpersonal connections are only a couple of the important life skills needed to be an effective mentor.

Becoming a mentor is a three step process: a written peer mentor application, the accompanying essay, and an in-person or over-the-phone interview with our mentor involvement committee.

Applications can be submitted in-person at our peer mentoring center, or via email to

Please be sure to meet all minimum application requirements and include at least two non-related professional references over the age of 18 years with their contact information and title.

Finding A Mentor

Connecting with a mentor is a great way to supplement social and academic involvement in a positive and uplifting way. Many of our mentees find benefit in connecting with a peer mentor to be varies and many, building social and academic skills at the same time in a welcoming and safe space.

We have mentors of all different interests and backgrounds, and for this reason we like to take the time to get to know our mentees, too. A peer mentor mentee application is available by request to Please include in your interest email a brief description of the applying mentee, their interests, struggles, and areas that they excel in academically. If there are any special areas of concern, including social adjustment or function, please include information pertaining to that as well. Information such as this will allow us to best assess the mentees needs and pair them with an available mentor that they have the best chance of bonding with.

Applicant Inquiries

Applications for mentors and mentees are reviewed on a weekly basis by our Mentee Relations and Mentor Committee. Should additional information be needed a representative may contact you via phone or email during normal business hours. Questions regarding mentor and mentee applications can be directed to the emails provided.

Thank you for your interest!