Mentor and Program Resources

Being a mentor can be challenging. To help you out, there are many different online resources available to you. Our staff is also available should you want in-person or one-on-one assistance. One thing to keep in mind when connecting with and mentoring a peer is that you share many different life experiences and challenging; this will offer you a unique perspective. Supplement that perspective with any of these mentor resources to help you learn how to best connect with a mentee in many different ways.

Building Effective Peer Mentoring Programs in Schools: This introductory guide is a great resource for not only those building and running mentoring programs, but for mentors who want to fully understand the ins and out of the program they work within.

What is Peer Mentoring?: This brief, in-a-nutshell definition of peer mentoring is a good starting point for those who are considering mentoring but might not know where to start.

Peer Mentoring Resource Booklet: Learn more about the myths and methods behind peer mentoring. This booklet also has additional resources you might find helpful.

Peer Resources: This website offers information for mentors and peer coaches. It covers many different topics.

Mentoring Creates Valuable Friendships: Mentoring isn't only beneficial to the mentee; mentor can learn just as much from their mentoring experience. Mentoring can provide an opportunity to make new friends and connections.

Key Qualities of a Peer Mentor: Identify and build up the core qualities needed to be an effective peer mentor and positively impact a fellow student today.

Tips on How to be a Great Peer Mentor: Remember to take the time to self-assess you peer mentoring skills. This list of tips may help you improve in different areas in order to make the most of the experience.

A Guide for Peer Mentors: This great guide includes information on common issues students face and the challenges a peer mentor might encounter.

Peer Mentoring: Peer mentoring can build leadership skills valuable for future academics and careers. See what the research shows here.

School-based Mentoring Builds Character and Communities: Become a mentor and become part of a stronger, healthier community.

Peer Mentoring Training Deck: Learn more about the role of a peer mentor, the importance of boundaries, and how to be most effective.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring: Becoming a peer mentor offers challenges and the potential to empower and engage with others in a positive way. Get involved today.

Why Your School Should Have a Peer-to-Peer Program: There are so many benefit to peer-to-peer mentoring for many different age groups. This article explores the different benefits of such programs in schools.